After nearly 2 months, Andrew, Ryan and Jacob have finally made their way back into the studio. They discuss Thanksgiving fun and then the Question & Answer 5 of the Shorter Catechism. In the 2nd half of the Episode they give some impressions on the games they have been playing as of late and then completely nerd out on The Mandalorian and other Star Wars lore. 100 Galactic Credits to the person who can guess which one of us led that discussion.

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Episode 6: TV Killed The Podcast Host

October 6, 2019

Andrew, Ryan and Jacob discuss the 4th question of the Westminster Shorter Catechism: What is God? - Easy right? Afterwards we take a stroll down memory lane once more and talk about the best tv shows and cartoons of the 80s to mid 90s. Andrew continues to reign supreme as the biggest nerd on cast. Join us for more fun and frivolity, won't you? 

Episode 5: Sounds Of Music

September 2, 2019

After a bit of a hiatus, we are back! We discuss the Westminster Catechism Question 3 and reminisce about all the music that influenced us in the good old days and what we share with our kids today. Thing kind of got derailed in the middle so there's that too.... Next episode we promise exponential growth in the geekiness content.

Episode 4: Sights of Marvel

August 6, 2019

We finally get into Question 2 of the Westminster Catechism and discuss the answer with some supporting scriptures. Afterwards, we dive into a discussion on the Marvel Cinematic Universe while Andrew and Jacob spoil End Game for Ryan. Needless to say: *SPOILER ALERT*

Episode 3: The Force Slept In

July 19, 2019

Andrew, Ryan and Jacob look at what Scripture says in regards to raising kids and what a joy they are. Then we jump into all things Star Wars and everyone begins to worry about the amount of time Andrew has spent in the Star Wars Universe. Due to the length of time spent on these topics, we were unable to include the West Minster Shorter Catechism discussion, but Episode 4 will have it front and center.  We hope you enjoy this episode and that your day is filled With Reverence & AWESOMENESS!

Episode 2 - “Hey! Listen!”

July 4, 2019

The long awaited sequel to Episode 1! We discuss Zelda, McDonalds toys of yore, family devotions and the Westminster Shorter Catechism. 

Episode 1: You Have to Start Somewhere

June 16, 2019

Three reformed Christian men (Andrew, Ryan and Jacob) come together to talk about their lives, family and faith alongside some fun and frivolity.